I'm Jane,

I've worked as an embroidery design digitiser more than 25 years.  I've digitised more than 50,000 designs for machines like Barudan, Tajima, Happy, SWF & Brother

If you run an embroidery business then you already know that design quality is really important.   Even the best quality quality machine won't save you if your designs are made by an inexperienced (or lazy) digitiser.

Now I know you can get cheap designs from overseas. Some of my best customers told me that they have tried overseas digitisers and this is what happens.

They use their most experienced digitiser for your first designs - then when they think your have become a customer they flip your work onto one of their junior digitisers.   I've seen so many of those designs and they can be really bad.

My design quality is my reputation and my livlihood. If I don't get it right then I don't win your business. 

I guarantee my designs will look good and will run well too with the minimum of thread trims and colour changes.

Just fill in your details below and I'll get started right away.   I hope to hear from you soon ....Best regards -




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