Paramount Colour Strips


Paramount embroidery thread


280 shades of soft, high sheen rayon and 40 shades with variegated colour.....all available in 1,000mtr mini-king spools

If you're a Rayon fan then you're not alone.   You know, some jobs like lace embroidery just work better with rayon because of its softness.
Paramount rayon is available in economically priced,   1,000 mtr mini-king spools . . . . . So you don't have to buy thousands of meters more than you need for a job or project.
IMPORTANT : We worked hard to make the on-screen colours as close as possible to the colour card.    However,  it is not possible to create colours that will be displayed accurately on different devices like your phone, tablet or computer screen.   If you are not familiar with paramount thread and you need accurate colour matches we strongly recommend that you do not use on-screen colours for colour selection.


Click on one of the colour strips below to view and purchase thread from that colour strip