Embroidery Thread

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  • King Star metallic - It's simply the best performing metallic we have ever seen or used. Guaranteed!
  • Yenmet - beautiful pearlescent effects and special effect metallics
  • King Fit - a big hit with quilters, sewers and overlockers alike
  • Bobbin threads - King cones, Mini kings and pre-wound bobbins - some without sides - some with cardboard sides - some with plastic sides and some with magnetic side to prevent bobbin overspin.
  • Fire retardant thread - For maximum safety, a fire retardant sewing / embroidery thread is a must have item for both sewing and embroidery.  Our new range of fire retardant threads are widely use for protective garments and children's clothing.
  • Glow-In-The-dark - For that extra special appeal we offer a thread that glows in the dark
  • Water soluble thread - A perfect solution for temporary stitching like basting, this thread will simply dissolve during the first wash or once submerged in water.