Embroidery Thread


You know - some threads really are "more equal than others"

It simply doen't make good sense to invest in a good quality embroidery machine and then to absolutely wreck its performace by using a poor quality thread that frays and breaks every few minutes.

We've been in the embroidery equipment and supplies business for over 32 years and we've seen our share of low priced but poor quality threads,  so when we come across a stand-out performer, we grab it with both hands.    It has taken most of those 32 years to sort through the good and the bad and to put together a range of threads that offer our customers high peformance, competitive pricing or the special effects that they are looking for.

Here's a quick summary of what we have to offer:

  • King Star metallic - It's simply the best performing metallic we have ever seen or used. Guaranteed!
  • Yenmet - beautiful pearlescent effects and special effect metallics
  • King Fit - a big hit with quilters, sewers and overlockers alike
  • Bobbin threads - King cones, Mini kings and pre-wound bobbins - some without sides - some with cardboard sides - some with plastic sides and some with magentic side to prevent bobbin overspin.
  • Fire retardant thread - For maximum safety, a fire retardand sewing / embroidery thread is a must have item for both sewing and embroidery.  Our new range of fire retardant threads are widely use for prpotective garments and chiuldrens clothing.