Sawgrass Inks

Do you need high quality, accurate colour - on-time, every-time?

You're in the colour business and the last thing you need when you're under the pump (or at any time for that matter) is to print products for your customers only to find that the colours are way off the mark.  You've wasted your time, ink, paper and product. 

Sawgrass printers, inks, transfer paper and software are all matched and colour profiled to produce high quality dye sublimation prints every time.   Note:  Dye sublimation transfer papers from Forever are not Sawgrass products

Matched Component

True Pix™ CLASSIC Sublimation Transfer Paper is the perfect matched component for Sawgrass HD high-gamut inks. It delivers reliable and consistent results in the printer and is engineered for ultra-high levels of dye release during the pressing process. The paper is specially designed to hold Sawgrass inks on the surface without the paper becoming too wet and smudging due to saturation.

High Definition Images

True Pix™ CLASSIC Sublimation Transfer Paper produces exceptional color quality when pressing onto both hard & soft polyester coated substrates. The smooth surface is essential in delivering high-definition images, especially on rigid substrates.

Consistent Results

True Pix™ CLASSIC Sublimation Transfer Paper delivers consistency and reliability with each transfer. Batch testing is performed to confirm color consistency. Minimal shrinkage eliminates additional variability.

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7 Item(s)

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