Mighty Magnetic Hoops

Here's why Mighty Hoops are a 'Must Have' item for every embroidery shop

  • There is no hoop tension to adjust.   
  • Super magnets apply a powerful gripping pressure all the time.
  • Mighty Hoops NEVER pop open during embroidery!
  • Your wrists and hands don't suffer that twisting, pressing pressure that can lead to strain injury.
  • There are no pesky hoop burn marks because Mighty Hoops don't have an inner and outer hoop.  Instead they have a top and bottom clamping surface held firmly together by magnets.

 Here's what one of our very happy customers had to say about Mighty Hoop:

"Thank-you to Hayley @ Embroidery Source for introducing me to the Mighty (magnetic) Hoops,
I no longer struggle to frame my sports bags now, and stress about the frame popping out whilst embroidering a logo is gone.
This has saved me so much time and gives me the confidence to battle any request my clients throw at me".

Yvette Giacomin - EmPrinted - VIC

Got some questions?     Call 1800 137 670 and ask for Hayley. 


How To Order:

You won't be able to add a Mighty Hoop to the cart without first choosing your machine brand and / or bracket length.

Click on the frame size you are interested in first.

Compatibility will be listed under each frame. If the frame will not fit your machine, it will not be listed.

Choose your machine brand and bracket length before adding to the cart.

Thank you, and happy hooping!


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23 Item(s)

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