Embroidery Fonts For Wilcom

ES Fonts are collection of expertly digitised embroidery fonts for Wilcom 2006 and later versions

Some of the very best products are improved or invented when a frustrated end user decides to fix a problem that they are faced with every single day.

You see, we have been digitising for more than 33 years.  We knew exactly what manual adjustments were necessary to underlays, column shapes, character spacings and column overlaps to produce good quality small block lettering . . . . but the time it took to do this over and over again every day was killing productivity and costing us a fortune.

The small block font that adapts itself automatically to produce the best quality at small sizes

We spent the next few months creating a user refined, small block font that we knew would produce the best possible quality without the need for all those time consuming, manual adjustments. Then we tested it, we adjusted it, we checked all of thr automatic character spacings and then we tested it again. Finally we had the finished product and customer feed-back has been excellent.     "Since we purchased ES Block, we use it every day without fail"

With ES Block you will be able to embroider block capitals as small as 3.0 mm using standard thread and needle . . . . . and down to 2.5mm even 2mm on woven shirt fabric with a fine thread and size 9 needle


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20 Item(s)

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