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High Quality Backings & Toppings For Just About Any Embroidery Or Quilting Project You Might Need


Embroidery backing fabrics


If only

Yes, if only there was just one type of backing that was perfect for all types of embroidery and quilting 

But there's no such miracle product.   That's why our warehouse is simply stacked to the roof with a huge variety of backings for embroidery and for quilting and our resident expert Vinod will certainly be able to help you.

Over the last 20 years, Vinod has researched like a mad-man.   He has hunted down and pestered hunderds of manufacturers from all over the world.   He has sliced, diced, disected, tried & tested their products . . . . . and rejected many of them.

Now vinod has put together an extensive range of backings & toppings that will suit just about any embroidery or quilting application . . . . even the trickiest of jobs.  

So no matter if you are an embroidery evangelist, a quirky quilter or if you run a commercial embroidery business - We have the products that you need.


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