Embro Fill - 100cm x 100cm

Create patches or appliques with an embroidered look and feel but with only a fraction of the total stitches required for a fully embroidered logo.  That's a massive saving in production time and cost

Only the border is embroidered. In this example the border has only 2,630 stitches.   A fully stitched version of the same design has 35,500 stitches. 100 pieces of the fully stitched logo would take over 8 days using a 1 head machine.   With Embro Fill it takes takes only 5 to 6 hours and reduces the cost to about 1/9th of the fully embroidered logo.


*   Has the look and feel of a fully embroidered logo

*   Produce fine detail and colour blends that are impossible with embroidery

*   Reduces stitch count massively - especially in large designs

*   Huge reduction in production costs and running time

*   Doesn't cause puckering that often happens with large embroideries

*   Big logos become affordable - even on a 1 head machine

*   Huge increase in profit potential


IMPORTANT - Embro fill is a woven fabric.  The edges must be embroidered securely before the final cover stitch is applied to prevent fraying.  We recommend 1 or 2 rows of run stitch plus a double zig-zag to hold the edges securely.

Better still - use our special heat fusible under-thread in the bobbin, then heat press the logo after embroidering the border and attaching to the garment.  The special bobbin thread will melt and stick the edges of the Embro fill together and stick down the border stitches too.

Need to make an iron-on badge?  See Heat N Bond - to the right

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