* How to use Forever laser transfers


Forever Is One Of The Worlds Leading Manufacturers Of Transfer Paper Solutions For Use With Office Type Laser Printers

Screen printing setups can be slow and costly, so printing small quantities can be very expensive and you are limited to how many colours there can be in each print.  Cut vinyl is a great product too but you're limited to 1 or 2 colours AND the weeding can be a real drain on time and cost.

Forever's revolutionary laser print transfer paper system allows you to print complex images with thousands of colours or with special effects like metallic or fluorescent finishes - using a standard office laser printer. . . . . and there's no weeding!

There are even Forever transfers for different types of fabric, leather, book covers, wood, candles and more


Forever Flex Soft - Create Metallic and Neon coloured prints with a standard laser printer

Create complex prints in any of the 17 Flex Soft colours (including Silver & Gold) using a standard Black & White laser printer


Forever Laser Dark - print full colour logos including white with OKI Pro laser printer

Print full colour logos including onto most types and colours of fabric. Print logos with white only areas too if you have a white toner printer.


Forever laser transfer papers