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Forever Has Very Quickly Become The Leading Manufacturer Of Laser Logo Transfer Papers And Films

Laser transfer have been around for a while - but it was a pretty tricky technique to perfect that is until the introduction of Forever laser transfer films and B paper. Who would have thought that there could be so much difference between a printable paper and a pritable film . . . . Well there is and that's why OKI Pro laser with white toner and Forever laser transfer films work so well together

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Print up to 20 x A3 pages per minute with 15 full colour logos per page at (90mm x 90mm) - That's 300 logos!
  • No contour cutting required - a BIG time saver
  • No weeding required - a HUGE time saver

Special colours like metallic or fluorescent finishes are also available and there are Forever transfers for different product like paper, carboard, wood, leather, candles and even soap.


Forever laser logo  - Quick Introduction - 2min 20

Forever laser logo transfer - How to - Step-by-step - 7 min


  • For Laser dark - you need equal quantities of both A and B sheets plus at least 1 sheet of matt finishing paper
  • For FlexSoft - You need equal quantities of FlexSoft printable sheets and B paper + matt finishing sheet
  • For MultiTrans - B paper is not required


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