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Brother GTX Garment Printer

Brother GTX printing a white t shirt

Brother GTX printing a black T shirt

Corel Draw for Print & Cut users

Corel Draw - Creating Cut Lines

Corel Draw - Distressed Effects

Dye Sublimation

Key Facts At A Glance

*  Dye sublimation printing is a fast and simple process.

*  Best results are achieved on white & light coloured, 100% polyester fabrics and high polyester content blends.

*  Vibrant colours that have very high wash-fastness and outlast the garment (see note below)

*  Dye sub prints have no detectable feel

*  Absolutely no cracking when the fabric is stretched - Ever!

*  Prints do not seal the fabric, so it still breathes just like unprinted fabric. Great for workwear and sportswear.

*  Many other dye sub compatible blank products can be printed including mugs, sports drink bottles, trophies Etc

All that you need is a dye sublimation printer with dye sub ink, dye sublimation transfer paper, and a heat press. This video shows you the entire process for fabric. Note: For non-flat products like caps and cylindrical products, a special heat press is required.

FREE - Creative Studio Dye Sublimation Design Software

When you purchase a new Virtuoso Dye Sublimation printer from Embroidery Source you not only get the excellent Power driver software, you also get access to Sawgrass' web-based Creative Studio design software. Creative Studio includes an extensive library of stock images and pre-made templates that can be used as they are or can be modified to suit your own requirements.

Dye Sublimation Printing by Terry Lamb (Sawgrass education manager)

1. Introduction to dye sublimation

2. Profit from dye sublimation

3. Production for dye sublimation

4. Creating designs for dye sublimation

5. Printing dye sublimation images

6. Applying dye sublimation prints with a heat press

7. Accessing dye sub resources from the Sawgrass web site

Barudan Embroidery Machines

Barudan K series

See how fast and easy it is to load new designs from a USB - By sight, By Text search or by Bar Code Reader

With Barudan format designs the colour sequence is pre-coded in the design. Just load the design and Start.

Team Names are so easy. You get a preview of the current name and a preview of the next name to be embroidered. Need to embroider any name from the list? No problem!

Watch as the Barudan switches heads On and Off automatically to embroider different names on each garment.

Barudan Quality & Reliability

Paul White Explains The Barudan Advantage

Barudan 4 Head Running Caps

Embroidery On Truck Seat Covers

Barudan Corporate Video

Embroidery Hooping Systems

Hoopmaster for the Brother PR Machine

Hoopmaster & Mighty Hoops

Wilcom Embroidery Software

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e3

Wilcom - How To Use Templates

Save time and speed up your work with Wilcom templates

Laser logo printing

TransferRIP RIP Software

User guide to Forever Transfer RIP Software

OKI Printer & TransferRIP Installation

OKI Printer and TransferRIP Installation

How to use Forever laser transfers

Forever Is One Of The Worlds Leading Manufacturers Of Transfer Paper Solutions For Use With Office Type Laser Printers

Screen printing setups can be slow and costly, so printing small quantities can be very expensive and you are limited to how many colours there can be in each print.  Cut vinyl is a great product too but you're limited to 1 or 2 colours AND the weeding can be a real drain on time and cost.

Forever's revolutionary laser print transfer paper system allows you to print complex images with thousands of colours or with special effects like metallic or fluorescent finishes - using a standard office laser printer. . . . . and there's no weeding!

There are even Forever transfers for different types of fabric, leather, book covers, wood, candles and more


Forever Flex Soft - Create Metallic and Neon coloured prints with a standard laser printer

Create complex prints in any of the 17 Flex Soft colours (including Silver & Gold) using a standard Black & White laser printer


Forever Laser Dark - print full colour logos including white with OKI Pro laser printer

Print full colour logos including onto most types and colours of fabric. Print logos with white only areas too if you have a white toner printer.

Forever Subliflex

Forever IC Split software

System Requirements: Windows/Mac
Intel Core™ i5 processor - 2.5 GHz clocking
3.5 GB RAM
2 GB of storage space
Free USB slot
Compatible with Windows 7,8,10/ Mac OS X 10.10 and higher

Sawgrass Virtuoso Print Manager

Virtuoso Print Manager promotional Video

Virtuoso Print Manager - How To - Part 1

Virtuoso Print Manager - How to - Part 2

Slow Motion Sewing Hook

Have you ever wondered . . . . . Why does my embroidery machine have only a small bobbin that has to be changed so often? Why can't it use a big cone of bobbin thread instead?

Until some clever person invents a miniature thread manufacturing machine that can fit inside a sewing hook and can produce a continuous filament of thread for at least a whole day then we will just have to put up with small bobbins.

You know, there is a perfect, miniature thread manufacturing machine . . . . It's called a SPIDER

Vinyl Cutting & Printing

Creating Cut Lines With R Works

In this short video you will learn how to import a bitmap image into Roland R-Works and then create a contour cutting line so that your Roland BN-20 with print the logo and then cut around it too.

Creating cut lines with Corel Draw

GS-24 Vinyl Cutter

BN-20 Vinyl Printer & Cutter

SP-300i Vinyl Printer Cutter

This video is a general introduction to print & cut using Roland but does not feature the Roland SP300i printer

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