FREE  - Embroidery & Print Discovery Event

Dye sublimation products

Have you been searching for a new business opportunity or a way to boost profits in your existing business . . . then this could be the event you have been waiting for . . . 

. . . . Learn how you can make great margins by buying blank garments and promotional products at wholesale prices directly from importers and then decorate them with printed logos or embroidery.

You could make lucrative margins of 40, 50, 100% or more. Start small and grow.     The personalisation business is booming - you can jump right in...


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Who Should Attend?
Anyone who is looking for an additional income stream with real potential for growth.  A business in which your rewards increase with your effort. 

Are you : 

  • An existing business owner looking for a new add-on income stream
  • A stay-at-home parent
  • Looking for a change of carreer
  • Been retrenched and struggling to find something suitable
  • Want to do something that rewards you (not someone else) for your hard work
  • Looking to start a business to secure a good future for your family.

For existing businesses :

Embroidery shops, Promotional product suppliers, Screen printers, Dry cleaners, Trophy shops, Tattoo parlours, Photographers, Printers, Gift Shops, Florists, Post Offices


You Will Be Able To See Demo’s
T-shirts, Hoodies, Jumpers, Polos, Tea Towels, Coffee Mugs, Stubby Coolers, Beer Mugs, Golf Towels & Many Other items that can be printed and/or embroidered

  • Vinyl Cutter
  • Vinyl printer & cutter
  • Dye Sublimation Printers
  • Direct To Garment Printer
  • Laser Logo Printer
  • UV printer
  • Embroidery machine
  • A range of heat presses to suit most needs.

Our range of decorating systems are designed to suite a wide variety of promotional products for both small quantities and large production runs too.


This event is a perfect fit for a number of businesses because:
We offer a variety of solutions to fit different purposes and budgets.    You can start small and add more equipment as your business grows -  or jump right in and start with a serious production solution.

Our start-up packages don't require much space so can often be operated from your home or business premises.
They are also quite easy to learn and operate so your existing staff can be trained eliminating the need to hire specialised staff.
Your customers may already be requiring these products and services, so you will win more business from them.

If you do have an existing business then you will be able to share your existing overheads with this new profit centre
Attract new customers, who may also require other products or services that you are currently offering.


Remember - this event is FREE

If you choose to attend you are not under any obligation whatsoever to buy and will not be pressured to make any commitment.

For those who see the great value in this chance to talk to the experts and see how it is done, please don't worry about being lost in the crowd and missing out.    We want to make sure that you get the absolute best value for your time . . . . so numbers will be strictly limited to just 15 people per event.      No over-crowding and plenty of room for you to see all demonstrations.

Bookings are essential. 
Please check our website for the latest event dates and times and don’t forget to register.
We reserve the right to refuse entry without a reservation    (Snacks and refreshments will be provided)