Design Workflow


Does this sound familiar? You have thousands of design, artwork, and machine files "floating" around your company. Your employees spend countless hours searching for them. Your design files are valuable - they should be easy to find, easy to distribute and they need to be protected like other company assets.


Here are some reasons why you should install and use your Design Workflow™ software to save time, money and protect your assets.

Product Model

1. Better Customer Service

Empower your customer service staff with the design information they need instantly so that they can answer customer questions whilst on the phone. The instant reply to customers will install confidence that your company is well organised. Design Workflow™ will also allow your customer service representative to focus on their duties of reducing turn around time for orders, rather than wasting time searching for designs information located in folders and the design department in-trays.

embroidery stitch

2. Get your money’s worth from Digitizers

Your digitizing department is one of your highest expenses in the production of embroidery. You have tried faster PCs, more training, software upgrades and even outsourcing, yet your production levels have remained virtually unchanged for years.

The REAL reason your digitizers are not producing designs throughout their entire shift is because of interruptions and manual filing tasks. They should be paid to produce quality designs quickly, not to support your customer service department.

Used effectively Design Workflow™ can achieve this goal, by eliminate the manual filing tasks, the need to answer customers queries and by reducing interruptions from customer service who are chasing old design information.

The efficiency increases will result in a more productive, higher quality digitizing team as already seen by companies who have taken the leap with Design Workflow™. See "Switching on Design Workflow™: Real Stories"  - The Arcade Experience.

Increased order accuracy

3. Increased order accuracy on designs and Colorways

By taking the next step into Design Workflow™ 9 you will benefit from sharing not only your Design Images and information, but also from sharing your colorway information to your employees who take the re-orders for jobs.

Increased efficiency

4. Increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability

Designed and built for today’s digital workplace, Design Workflow™'s powerful search functionality means that you can retrieve designs within seconds. With your entire catalogs of designs at your fingertips the powerful search and sorting facilities make it a snap to increase the efficiency within your design department. When you extend the Design Workflow™ software to other departments your productivity gains company wide will astound you. See "Switching on Design Workflow™: Real Stories" – The New Era Cap Company Experience.

Eliminate space

5. Eliminate space, time, and inefficiency of paper filing systems

Don’t be stuck in the 90’s practice of filing paper records of your electronic design files. Take the leap now into the 21st century and save time and space by filing your design catalogs on-line. Every day that you delay is another extra day that you will have lost the efficiency savings for your company.

Your Designs secure

6. Your Designs are finally secure

Like Wilcom ES, Design Workflow™ is easy to use and they work together flawlessly. You’ll use ES to create your designs and then Design Workflow™ to store the file, complete with artwork and electronic swatches. Design Workflow™ systems can be added at any time to allow your staff to view the design images and information over and over. With its personal username, passwords and its 5 in-built security levels, Design Workflow™ allows you to secure your designs so unauthorized staff cannot modify or access them.


7. 21st century database stability

Are you just a tad too well acquainted with the notorious "blue screen of death" from your database applications? Bid it a fond farewell. With Design Workflow™ you’ll become accustomed instead to industry-leading stability. This elegant product is built on the industrial strength of the Microsoft SQL Database Engine. Most Fortune 500 companies, governments and universities rely on SQL for their mission-critical applications. And now, so can you.


Simple installation

8. Simple installation and set-up

Most of our customers are up-and-recording in no time. And that includes people who never touched a database before in their lives. What will your experience be like? You’ll find moving your Designs, Artworks, and recording information to the Design Workflow™ mere child’s play. And wait till you try the software. Wilcom has built features like Colorways and TrueViews™ that are found nowhere else, make browsing for designs an absolute joy.

What about recording designs? Wilcom has looked after all scenarios including direct record from ES, batch imports, Excel spreadsheet imports, Design Librarian 6 conversions, and even the new AutoRecord feature. In fact, you’ll find all the right documentation to assist you when you are ready to configure your Design Workflow™. Go for it, install today.


Design Catalogs

9. Make Design Catalogs for your Customers

Have you ever tried to send a list of your customer’s designs to them so that they could conveniently reorder designs, but found it all too hard? Design Workflow™ takes the effort out of this manual task and provides you with a simple way to create spreadsheets of design information.

Added to this feature, Design Workflow™ provides you with the flexibility to create catalogs of designs, which can be burnt onto CD’s or uploaded directly to your Web page. Combine this feature with high quality 3D TrueViews™ images from Wilcom ES 2006 and you will have the perfect combination for advertising your products on the Internet.