Cadlink for brother printers

Digital Factory Apparel - Brother™ Edition


Put the X-tra in your Brother GTX printers.

Leverage the power of the Brother GTX-series printer with the industry-leading direct to garment printing software package. You've got the printer, now maximize its capabilities with an all-inclusive advanced color management, production workflow software. An absolute "must have" for all Brother DTG printer owners.

All Brother Edition software suites provide;

      • Custom printer drivers and color profile packages for the Brother GTX as well as the Brother GT-3 series direct to garment printers


      • Spectacular Color Reproduction - CADlink’s high-fidelity color management engine provides the most vibrant, color-accurate printing on white, colored and black fabrics of all types.


      • Complete, centralized job management - CADlink direct to garment RIP software features Visual Production Manager™, a simple, easy to use interface that manages multiple queues and multiple printers simultaneously.


      • Seamless interface with design applications - No need to worry about the issues involved with exporting and importing files. Digital Factory Apparel uses “send to” technology direct from your favorite design applications, (Corel, Illustrator, PhotoShop).


      • Industry-leading white ink management and automated underbase feature - Proper use of white ink is essential to printing images onto black or dark colored fabrics. Advanced implementation of layer technology automatically creates an underbase layer that can be sent to a production queue directly from a design application.


      • Unmatched integration of black artwork elements into black garments - A pre-set queue function can automatically remove any black components from a design when printed on a black fabric. This creates highly attractive prints that make designs appear to literally “blend” into the fabric, (see also “plug-in” description below).


      • Direct, in-RIP support of production plug-in’s - SuperSize Image (resolution increase for low resolution artwork); FluidMask (easy to use masking software ideal for removing unwanted backgrounds); “Knock-me-out-Black” and “Knock-me-out-Color” (color removal from artwork tools that allow graphics to “blend into” background garment color)


      • Precision ink level controls - Provides the ability to optimize amount of ink placed on different fabrics. Contributes to cost savings and increases print quality.


      • CMYK and RGB file color support ensures the widest range of process colors and true photographic-quality image printing - Conversion of color spaces (RGB to CMYK) can create unwanted color shifts. Since most apparel printers work with CMYK, Digital Factory Apparel is able to provide the most sought-after color results in the market.

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