What is machine networking software?


Have you ever thought about how much time is wasted in your business looking for a design?    Worse still, have you ever started to embroider garments with the wrong version of the design ?


Rest assured you're not the only one.  We have all done this and it continues to happen.

Well, what if you could eliminate these problems once and for all?    

Barudan's software engineers have developed three solutions that will help you to knock these profit thieves right on the head and once it has been installed and setup you can just about forget about it.   In fact that's exactly what most of our customers do.


This is just how easy it is :

  1. You open or digitise a new design using Wilcom
  2. Click a tool in the Wilcom toolbar to copy the design to a special folder where all of your designs are stored
  3. Print the design instruction sheet and take it with the garments to the machine.
  4. The machine operator scans the barcode on the Wilcom instruction sheet
  5. Within 5 to 10 seconds the design is downloaded into the machine memory.


Want to save even more time?

With Barudan machines, the digitiser can program the colour changes directly into the design before it gets sent to the machine so quite literally all the machine operator has to do is :

  • Scan the barcode
  • Hoop and load the garments into the machine
  • Start the machine
Even if the machine is on the wrong needle the colour changes will be correct.  You see what happens is that as soon as the machine is started it reads the first colour change signal (on the very first stitch) and that makes the Barudan change to the correct needle before it even begins stitching.