What is machine networking software?


How much time is wasted in your embroidery business looking for designs and then loading them into your machines?    Worse still, have you ever started to embroider garments after loading the wrong version of a design ?

If you have then rest assured you're not the only one.  It happens all too often.


What if you could massively speed up design loading and eliminate these problems once and for all?    

Barudan's software engineers have developed three solutions that will help you to knock these time & profit thieves right on the head.   What's more -  once it has been installed and setup you can just about forget about it.   In fact that's exactly what most of our customers do.

Barudan LEMserver


This is how easy it is :

  1. You open or digitise a new design using Wilcom
  2. Click the 'CONNECTION MANAGER' tool in Wilcom.  This saves a copy of the design into the LEMserver search folder, in the machine format of your choice.
  3. Print the design instruction sheet and take it with the garments to the machine.
  4. The machine operator scans the barcode on the Wilcom instruction sheet
  5. Within a few seconds the design is downloaded into the machine memory at very high speed.


Want to save even more time?

With Barudan machines, the digitiser can program the colour changes directly into the design using the actual thread colours that are loaded onto each machine.  All the machine operator has to do is :

  • Scan the barcode
  • Hoop and load the garments into the machine
  • Start the machine - the start needle and all other colour changes are selected automatically.
Even if the machine is on the wrong needle when started, the colour changes will be correct.  You see what happens is that as soon as the machine is started it reads the first colour change signal (on the very first stitch) and that makes the Barudan change to the correct needle before it even begins stitching.
Do you embroider a lot of single run designs?
Normally you would *  choose the memory location, *  load the design,   *  set the colour change sequence, *  put the machine into drive mode,  *  relase it from drive mode after the run is complete, *  erase the old design from memory
With Barudan's latest operating system software there is new feature called   'RN MODE'  which is super-fast
Here's how it works!
 Send the first design to the machine (the memory location and Drive more are both selected automatically)
*  Start the machine (On completion of the design, memory location is cleared and Drive mode is released)
*  Load the next design and repeat
When set in RN mode there is no need to release the machine from Drive mode - No need to choose a memory location and no need to set the machine back in drive more again.    It's all done automatically.
RN mode uses a temporary memory location for each new design that is loaded.   Once the design has been embroidered, the design is erased from it's temporary memory location and the machine is released from Drive automatically ready for the next design.
Don't forget - If you use Barudan machine format for the design stitch data, your designs can be pre configured with the correct needle change sequence to match the thread colours on your machine.   
The machine operator doesn't have to set the colour change sequence after loading the design.   All that is necessary is to load the next hooped product and press START. 
Could it be any easier than that?