Design File Server


Barudan's Design File Server is an easy to use network program that connects up to 8 x Barudan machines of models "X", "V" or "D" series to a PC.  With this software installed, designs can be downloaded directly from a folder on the PC's hard drive, eliminating the need to carry disks, CF cards ur USb's to and from the machine.


How it works:

Design File Server is a program that runs on Windows 8, 7, XP or Windows 2000. On the left side of the screen is a file browser, for locating embroidery files. On the right side of the screen are machine queues, for up to 8 machines. Using DFS takes 3 steps:


1. Locate design files

Browse your PC Hard disk or CD to find the patterns to be sewn. The thumbnail viewer shows image and stitch information- reads 7 popular embroidery formats.  Icons at top of screen provide quick sorting and searching. Select the pattern.


2. Drag & Drop on machine queue

Stack up to 100 designs in the Queue. You can have a common queue, or a separate Queue for each machine


3. Download from machine

From the machine automat, press the Network Icon. The design files in the queue are listed. Select one, press a button, and a few seconds later, it's downloaded into the machine.


NEW FEATURE: Watched Folders!

In this mode, DFS works in the background. Setup a watched folder(s) on your PC, and then hide DFS. Drag and drop embroidery designs using Windows Explorer, or save to the machine folder right from your Digitizing or Editing program. DFS stays in the background.



Automatic File Handling- option to automatically remove design from queue once it has been downloaded- prevent duplication! Or, set to remove designs from queue after a set number of days.



When viewing the files in the queue, pressing the "?" icon brings up a small thumbnail of the design, and pattern statistics. View and verify the pattern info before downloading! 


Additional Features:

  • High Speed Design Transfer (up to 10 times faster than standard connection)
  • Design Management Screen shows design name, colors, stitch count, and size
  • Reads 7 popular embroidery stitch formats
  • Assign one common folder or an individual folder to each machine
  • Easily queue designs for each machine
  • On the machine automat, browse design queue and select design to download
  • Once designs are queued, the PC can be left alone
  • Server can automatically clear designs from queue when downloaded



  • This program works only on Windows 8, 7, XP, VISTA, or Windows 2000
  • Requires one serial port for 'each' machine connection. If you need to add serial ports to your computer, you can purchase USB-to-Serial adapters from our web store for each machine. If you don't have enough USB ports you can purchase a powered USB hub at your local computer store.
  • Requires one serial cable for each machine connection. 
    NOTE: This is addition to the USB-to-Serial adapter. 
  • This program works with Barudan "X", V" and D" series machines (BEXT, BEXY, BEXS, BEVT, BEVY, BEVS, BEDT, BEDY, and BEDS)
  • Machine software must be at least:     version 3.2 or higher on the DY/DS series machine, 
    - 2.20 or higher on the DT series machine.


Required Accessories:

*  Serial Cable- 9 pin to 9 pin for each of your "X", "V" and "D" series machines 
*  USB-SERIAL adapter