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Barudan LEMserver

Lightning Fast Design Search & Load Into Machine Memory

Just Scan The Bar-Code On the Wilcom Job Sheet - Quick As A Flash!

You'd be surprised how much time is lost in embroidery shops looking for the right design and then loading it into the machine memory.  That's money down the drain!

LEMserver provides super fast downloading of designs directly from your server or storage computer into the machine memory.    No one ever has to look for a design or mess around with USB's or other memory storage devices.

It  takes only 5 to 10 seconds to find and load a design.   LEMserver works with the most common machine file formats like Tajima DST and Barudan U?? and can even load Barudan format files that are pre programmed with the correct needle sequence so all the operator has to do is press START.    Could it be any easier than that?

LEMserver Pro

All of the time saving and security benefits of LEMserver but with extra power.

LEMserver Pro does much more than just find designs and load them into each machine's memory.

LEMserver Pro monitors every thing that happens to each connected machine 24/7

  • When each machine was powered on each day
  • What design/s were loaded
  • When each machine starts and stops & Why?
  1. Stop button pressed
  2. Thread break
  3. Error code
  4. Coffee break
  5. New Job setup
  6. Machine maintenance

You can even access a live report on what's happening in your embroidery shop from the comfort of your own home or hotel room using a regular internet connection.


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