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TruePix A4 Dye Sublimation Paper - 100 Sheet Pack

If you are looking for the best quality dye sublimation prints with seamless production from your printer then you won't find any better that TruePix from sawgrass.


  • TruePix produces strong colours
  • TruePix prevents your expensive ink from soaking deep into the paper where it gets trapped
  • TruePix dries really fast so multiple print copies don't smudge as they come out from the printer
  • TruePix stays flat even on heavy prints - so the print head doesn't hit the paper and runin your prints

Yes it costs more . . but it saves you from stress, wasted ink and paper and ruined products


End user comparison - Is TruePix worth the money?

I can only talk from experience as ive used both True Pix and the thinner less expensive xpres paper and here's what i've personally found.

I have 2 printers an epson 1400 and a b1100.
Over the xmas period my supplier ran out of a3+ True Pix so i had to buy a box of xpres paper. Thats how I ended up being able to provide this comaprison in the first place.

Truepix paper .... no problems ever with this paper. I use it for t shirts mugs mouse mats the lot. It's a good all-round paper with never any issues. Good quality prints on both my 6 ink 1400 and my 4 ink b1100. Down side is twice the cost (nearly) as xpres paper

Xpres paper .... incidently is very similar to the chinease paper that some suppliers have.

What can I say about this cheaper paper? Well in my opinion (and its just my opinion) it is total crap and I wouldnt let it near my 1400 again. I did try it and the ink seems to soak into the paper causing the paper to be saturated in fact quite wet . For some reason you get black over sparay at times i get the feeling this is because the paper is so wet it leaves a residue on the printer rollers which in turn transfer onto the following print.

My 1400 hates it so much because it causes huge paper jams followed by a crunching noise which curdles the blood . Its a bit kinder to the b1100 printer but the black ink marks still appear. Print quality appears washed out the first time i got any complaints on the tea towels i print was the first time i used this paper on a tea towel.

The paper is noticebly thinner than truepix which is where i suspect the problem lies. The up side (if you can call it an upside) is its half as cheap but when you take into account the amout that gets thrown away due to paper jams and black marks and the printable items you print then notice the black marks, i suspect its probably ends up more expensive.

if ive said it once ive said it a thousand times buy cheap buy twice , its a total false ecomnomy.
i dare say there will be plenty of replies saying how its never given them a problem as i said this is just my experiance of the 2 papers

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 30 × 2.5 cm






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