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Towa Bobbin Tension Setting Gauge


With a Towa bobbin tension setting gauge you can become an expert at accurately and quickly setting your bobbin thread tension. How do you think they do it in the factory where they built your machine?

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Model: TM-1.
For use with L sized bobbins.


The Towa bobbin tension setting gauge is the perfect tool for anyone who uses a sewing machine, quilting machine or embroidery machine.

This simple little device makes it so easy to adjust your bobbin thread tensions quickly and accurately - every single time. With the Towa, there are no more dramas changing from one make or thickness of thread to another.

Just pop your current bobbin and bobbin case into the Towa,taking care to thread it correctlyand then gently pull out some thread in a steady and even movement.

The tension needle will show you exactly how many grams of tension are being applied to the thread.

Now all you have to do is re-thread your bobbin and bobbin case with a new thread and then set the tension to the same grams as before . . . . . and away you go. Your machine will continue to run just like before.

What if the tension is different?

If you need to adjust the bobbin tension just remove the bobbin case from the Towa and then adjust the small tension spring a little at a time. Turn the tension screw clock-wise to increase the tension and anti-clockwise to decrease the tension.

Please be careful when adjusting the tension screw. If you press too hard on the screw driver it might just slip off the screw andinto your hand. (I should know . . . . I have done it too many times myslef).

ow to adjust bobbin thread tension


The tension doesn't seem to increase even when I adjust the tension screw in a clock-wise direction

This is most likely becuase there is a build-up of dust and / or wax under the spring preventing it from pressing down on the thread. Remove the spring and clean under it then re-assemble and adjust.

The tension spring may be bent upwards so that no matter how tight you make the adjustment, the spring does not press on the thread. Remove the spring and bend it down a little (or replace it) then re-assemble and test.

I can't tell if the tension is good because it looks very uneven on the back of the embroidery

The two most likely possibilities are:

1. The thread is low quality and has thick parts (slubs) that cuase the tension to suddenly increase and then go loose again. This would normally show up as a jagged or irregular line of bobbin thread on the reverse side of the embroidery.

2. The bobbin or bobbin case has been damaged (bent). The bobbin catches on the bobbin case every time it rotates.

In this case you would find that the tension increases and decreases once or twice every revolution of the bobbin. This tends to show up as a regular wave on the reverse side of the embroidery Replace the bobbin or bobbin case.

Warning: Bobbin case metal is VERY brittle. If you try to bend it back - it could easily break.

Tip: Why not have a second bobbin case that is clean, is adjusted and ready to use. You might even have a different bobbin case for the different types of bobbin thread that you like to use - each one adjusted perfectly with your Towa tension setting gauge.

Model: TM-1.
For use with L sized bobbins.

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