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Melt-Away - 1m x 10m


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Melt-Away - 1m x 10m

Gone With The Heat - Topping


Name: MeltAway

Size: 1m x 10m

Gone With The Heat - Topping

Melt-Away is used as heat removable topping (stabilizer) for fabrics able to handle temperatures of approximately 120° - 140° using a non

Steam iron. (We suggest you do a test by ironing on a patch of fabric prior to commencing your embroidery to ensure fabric will handle the

heat.) When framing up your garment or fabric place the Melt-Away rough side down on the top. When embroidery is complete gently

remove the exposed Melt-Away. Using your iron set at 120° - 140° quickly glide the iron over your embroidery to remove any excess

Melt-Away. The small amounts of remaining Melt-Away around the edges or your embroidery ‘melt’ with the heat of the iron.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 3 cm






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