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Forever B paper - Box of 100- A3


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End of year special

Forever B paper is used together with:

  • A foil finishing sheets
  • Flex soft sheets
  • Multi-Trans sheets
B paper adds a white adhesive layer to the printed areas only and also helps to boost the brightness of colours when used on light coloured garments. When used with a white toner printer, B paper brightens both colours and white areas of the printed image


Forever B paper is used with other Forever printable sheets to improve the bond to the product and to make colours appear brighter

  • Print the image directly onto the clear A foil
  • Press the A foil together with a B paper sheet for 90 to 120 seconds at 130 to 155 deg C
  • Separate A and B sheets whilst still hot. (B paper applies a white adhesive layer to the printed areas only). Do not remove the A foil sheet from the heat press whilst separating. Peel using a slow, steady and continuous action from one corner to the opposite corner. (Do not stop)
  • Place A foil face down onto garment, cover with 2 sheets of copy paper and press for 30 sec's.
  • Allow to cool completely then remove carrier film using a rolling motion from one corner to the opposite corner
  • IMPORTANT - For maximum wash resistance and to remove shine - Press again for 30 seconds using a matt finish cover sheet and medium pressure.

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