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Firebird FBX VIVID - 1,000ml - CONCENTRATE - Pre treatment for high quality CMYK prints onto white and light coloured cotton and polyester

Much brighter colours - Sharp details & Longer lasting prints after washing

To see the difference - click on the Apple image to the left then click on Zoom -The left side is untreated and the right is pre-treated with Firebird Vivid. Just check the difference between the printed, black background. Chalk & Cheese

Better quality prints with less ink -Firebird Vivid is also perfect for CMYK prints onto white and light coloured polyester too.

Firebird Vivid is a concentrated pre treatment solution and that saves space and reduces your shipping costs. Firebird Vivid must be diluted at a ratio of 1 part Firebird Vivid to 3 parts distilled / demineralised water - so you get 4 litres of useable pre-treatment solution.

IMPORTANT: This product is not for use with white ink

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions9 × 9 × 9 cm
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