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ES Script 1

A high quality, manually digitized embroidery font for use with Wilcom versions 2006 and later. ES Script 1 was created to fulfill at least two demands from embroiderers:

1. They wanted a beautiful, flowing, copper plate type script like the fonmt that was used by the hand embroidery machinists . . . . and there just wasn't one available.

2. Towel embroidery (monogramming) is usually done with large letters. When you increase the letter height your machine will slow down because of the increased stitch width. Machines that have jump stitch will automatically go into jump mode when the stitches are longer than about 7mm . . . . this effectively doubles the stitching time.

So, ES Script 1 has been created with narrow columns to avoid slow-down and jump stitches as much as possible. Most capital letters can be embroidered at up to 70mm without activating the 7mm auto-jump system.

3. Script fonts can be problematic because there are some letters that customers simply don't like. Capital S for example. We could see the the original S might not suite everyone . . . . so we created 4 different versions so you can choose which one your customers likes best.

We also created another lower case s without a connectiong tail for use at the end of words.

(See Product Description below for more info)


ES Script was created especially for monogramming of towels. It is a beautiful cursive font that lends itself very well to modern embroidery machines used on towels.

The stem width has been minimsed so that it can be used at large sizes without causing the machines to go into jump stitch mode (which doubles the running time).

There are also alternative versions of the following letters:

  • Capital 'S'
  • Lower case 's'

ES Scipt embroidery font

Although we like this font very much we felt that the standard capital S didn't really look like an S. So we created some alternatives for you to choose from. Here are the keyboard keys sfor each letter

Top left = S

Botton left = *

Top right = {

Bottom right = }

We also created a different version of the s (without the connecting tail) so that they can be used at the end of a word.

ES Script embroidery font for Wilcom

Lower case s without connecting tail = @

Character list:

ES embroidery font for Wilcom

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