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ES Hatch Small Block - 3mm to 8mm

ES Hatch Small Block - has been created especially for Wilcom Hatch V2 or later. This special small font has been designed around our very popular ES Small Block (UR) font for the top level Wilcom programs.

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Why do I struggle to produce high quality lettering at small sizes when my competitors seem to do it with such ease?

The truth is that unless you are an expert at modifying existing fonts and you have a lot of spare time to do it over and over again, then the answer is most likely that you don't have our custom digitzed ES Hatch Small Block font.

ES Block was originally created by Embroidery Source and one of Australia's leading embroidery digitisers Melanie Beale.

We really made it for our own selfish purposes simply because we were sick and tired of wasting time repeating the same adjustments and modifications over-and-over again.

That meant making adjustments to individual characters in the standard fonts just to make them sew-out well at small sizes - down to 3mm with standard thread and needle and even 2mm with thin thread and needle on woven shirt fabric.

Talk about underestimating the job! It turned out to be a much bigger task than we had ever imagined.But it was well worth the effort!

ES Hatch Small Block eliminates so many of the quality problems that embroidery businesses struggle with every day and it dramatically reduces the time it takes you or your digitiser (even unskilled digitizers) to create high quality block text at small sizes.

Are you (and your customers) frustrated and disappointed by those ugly lumps that appear where columns overlap.
Column overlaps are necessary at large sizes but they cause all sorts of problems when you need to produce block lettering at small sizes. Those overlaps cause unsightly lumps, that stand out like . . . . . . . (well I'm sure you know what I mean)

ES hatch Small Block has been ctreated without those unsightly overlaps on small characters. This greatly improves the sew-out quality.

Ever wonder why those column ends look skinny - even a bit pointed at small sizes?
The ends of columns including T, E, F and many others appear to be tapered when stitched out at small sizes and it looks terrible.

You know the 'old-school' embroidery drafters, who made the drawings ready for the digitisers to work from would compensate for this by dawing all the narrow columns with flared ends. It used to be standard procedure . . . . . but not any more. Well not until ES Hatch Small Block was finished and available!

ES Hatch Small Block fixes this problem

This image shows a regular letter T. Notice the standard column overlap where the vertical column meets the horizontal column.

You can also see that the column ends are square

This image shows how ES Block has automatically reduced the column overlap.

The column ends have also been widened to overcome that unsightly tapered look

Am I imagining this? When I turn pull compensation on, to thicken up narrow columns - some of them look uneven in width. It's a pain!

No, you're not imagining it. When pull compensation is used to increase column width, the increase is not always even. That's because the angled stitches don't increase column width as much as the stitches that are perpendicular (at right angles) to the column.

Where the stitches are at 90 degrees to the column, pull compensation works best because the stitches increase in width by the exact amount - say 0.17mm on either side of the column.

Where the stitches are angled (usually approaching corners) then in this area pull compensation doesn't work so well because the stiches are expanding toward the side and upwards. The column width increase is not so much and so the colums are not so wide at that point.

ES Hatch Small Block prevents this problem with adjusted column width so as to keep the ends of the stitches on either side of the column parallel.

(The dotted guide lines show how the ends of the stitches in ES Block remain parallel on both sides of the column)

If you have more time on your hands than you know what to do with, then of course you can manually edit every single small block lettering job until it is perfect . . . . but wouldn't your time be better spent getting on with the next job?

Or you could simply make a one-time investment and get your own ES Hatch Small Block. It's an investment that will pay for its self in no time at all and will make will help you to win new customers and keep your existing customers happy.

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