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Mighty Hoops 
Magnetic Hoops

The Mighty Hoop is a new magnetic hoop that makes framing fast and easy!


Why Choose a Mighty Hoop?

Simple Hooping, Less Stress

There is no need to adjust the outer ring as the hoop holds the garment with magnetic force and automatically adjusts for different thicknesses. 

There is no stress on your wrists and hands as no pressure is needed to apply the hoop, which also means, hoop burn is a thing of the past. 
Many different frame sizes to choose from. (Give us a call to check compatibility with you machine) 
Our first sleeve & pant frame size available 
Clips into your machine's arms as easily as your regular embroidery frames
Frames for most major brand machines
Frame automatically adjusts according to fabric thickness
Great for items such as bags jackets, sleeves, pants and so much more
Fully compatible with HoopMaster framing board
The magnets do all the work

Mighty Hoop Gallery

Here are just some of the Mighty Hoops we stock. 

 Mighty Hoops can hoop a range of products which include but are not limited to... 


Work Jackets 

Puffer Jackets 



And many more... 


Brand Compatibility Available

Mighty Hoops have compatibility with the following brands...


Brother PR Series

Janome MB Series








How to Care For Your Mighty Hoop

Storing your Mighty Hoop correctly between jobs can help sustain the lifespan of your hoop. 

When you remove the hoop from an item, take the bottom ring and place it upside down on the top of at a slight angle. 
If done correctly, you should see the white side of both the top and bottom ring. See the picture below. This will keep the hoops as a set, but they will not slam together which can pinch your fingers and can damage the hoop. 

The hoops will now easily pull apart to use for the next hooping. If you have multiple hoops, they can still be stacked like this. 

For Mighty Hoop care tips and tricks, please contact us to speak to one of our experienced staff members!

Warranty Information

Mighty Hoops are proudly made in the USA and we offer full Australian Support...

Mighty Hoops come with a 12 month Manufacturer's warranty. 

If your Mighty Hoop fails in anyway outside of drop damage, please contact us with photos and proof of purchase and we will happily replace. 
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