Which Machine Is Right For You?


If you're not sure which make or which model of embroidery machine is right one for you then you'll find a brief description right here on this page   


Brother PR, single head embroidery machines offer simplified controls, high quality embroidery and high reliability for those who embroider as a hobby or small business. Choose from 6 needle or 10 needle models


Need more speed and versatility and the best warranty in the industry?

If you're setting up an embroidery business then you'll very likely need faster production, more flexibility and rock solid performance - not to mention the best warranty in the business (up to 7 years).  Barudan is the stand-out leader in small to medium sized, commercial quality embroidery machines that deliver on every level.


Barudan multi-head models increase productivity, reduce costs and boost profit.

With over 1,400 Barudan machines installed throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, PNG and New Caledonia it's no surprise that many of Australia's biggest and commercial embroidery companies and work-wear suppliers have chosen Barudan.   They've done their research and they know that there is no other embroidery machine that delivers on all levels like Barudan.



Thinking about buying an embroidery machine ....... but worried about making the wrong choice?  Save yourself a bucket load of time and stress.     If you understand the benefits of doing your homework thoroughly and you want to make absolutely sure that you make the right decision first time, then you're in the right place.


In this free guide you will get the insider information on what questions to ask, what to look for in both the machine and the supplier.  You'll also get some great great advice from one of Australia's most experienced and respected embroidery business owners who has purchased more than 52 machines during his time in the embroidery business. 


Avoid the tricks and traps that too many others fall for.  Just click on the image to the right and download your  FREE 19 page copy of the Ultimate Guide To Buying a New Embroidery Machine.