Heat Presses


Why are some heat presses so much cheaper than others?

The reason is fairly straight forward.  They are made  in countries that have low labour costs and poor manufacturing standards as compared to Australia, Europe and America.  

  • Metal quality is often poor
  • Electronic control systems are made with cheap, low quality components
  • Quality control is often substandard
  • Presses are not always suitable for use with our 240 volt power


What to look for in a good quality heat press

  • Accurate and even heat across the whole area of the bed
  • Accurate and even pressure across the whole of the bed
  • Reliability
  • Access to local tech support and spare parts


Clamshell presses

  • Good for thin, flat products like fabric, mouse mats Etc
  • Auto opeing models available without big price increase
  • Take up less space on the work table

** Not good for thicker products because back of the press closes before the front
** Easier to accidentally touch the heated top bed when loading / unloading


Swing away presses

  • Good for thin, flat products up to 30 to 35mm thick
  • Auto opeing requires upgrade to air operated model
  • better for press operation that require high pressure
  • Heated tob bed swings to one side - so clear view of lower bed and much less chance of accidental burn from top bed
  • Air operated have both push button close and auto open
  • Very accurate pressure setting
  • Pressure does not have to be adjusted for different thickness products

** Usualy much heavier than a clamshell
** Auto open models are more expensive and require an air compressor too.