Embroidery Threads





I've seen that there are both rayon and Polyesters threads.  How do I decide which one is best for me?

Once upon a time there was no choice.  Rayon was the only product that provided the sheen and the wide range of pastel to rich colours.   Then came polyester embroidery threads that were touted as being the next 'best' thing.  They were not!
The colours were not bright, the thread had little sheen and it was much too strong.  In fact it was (and some still are) so strong that the needle can break but the thread doesn't break so the machine carries on running and the broken needle blade tears a hole in the fabric.
Fortunately things have changed and now there is a very high quality polyester thread King Star.  It has excellent sheen and colour.  It is stronger than rayon so thread breakage is now rare and it is very dye-fast so is ideal for products that will be heavily laundered.
So - back to the question  How do I choose?
If dye-fastenss and low thread breakage are important to you then consider King Star polyester.  It is available in over 600 shades
If you prefer a thread that is a little bit softer (for embroidered lace) and you don't mind the extra thread breaks then consider a Paramount Rayon thread


My thread keeps twisting up in a loop and gets stuck in the thread stand or in the tensions - Whats going on?

Threads are made up of fibres that are twisted together to form a single ply.  Two or more (usually 2) of those single plies are then twisted together to make embroidery thread.

When thread is twisted too much during manufacture is is what we call an unballanced thread.  What happens then is that the excess twist causes the thread to try and un-twist itself as it comes off the cone. Any loose thread can then twist up into a loop which then gets stuck in the thread eyelets or tension discs. It is a pain in the butt!





I'm embroidering a small design with outlines and I find that even 1 runstitch outline looks too heavy for the design - Is there anything I can do?


There are a couple of things that you can do:

1.   Try using a thread colour that is less of a contrast

2.   Use a fine embroidery thread like King Star fine thread