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DTG-G4 Direct To Garment printer


Profits, production and amazing prints

The G4 DTG direct to garment printer establishes a new standard for professional direct prints for all finished garments and fashion panels. Designed and produced by DTG Digital® division of Pigmentinc B.V., the G4 DTG was developed to be the most affordable industrial DTG printer in this market segment. Delivering speed, performance and amazing prints.

Over a decade in innovation and engineering advancements from DTG Digital® for all apparel printers, embroidery, screen-printing, internet, retail, sign shops, production houses and more, DTG Digital® products are preferred, trusted and used across a wide range of industries.


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Let’s face it – you own a G4 DTG to make money!

And the amount of shirts per hour you can produce will determine how profitable your printer will be. When printing a light coloured shirt with no white ink a 10 x 8” design will print in 28-36 seconds, approximately 70+ per hour.


Dark shirt printing the same 10 x 8” design will require a base white print and colour top print – it will produce in real time and amazing quality 32-36 shirts per hour at this size.

If you are printing a larger design, then it will be slower, so safely assume between 1.45 minutes to 1.55 minutes on average for a bigger design – the equates to 30-32 shirts per hour.

G4 DTG Print Heads/Dampers

A world first! Each print head on the G4 DTG has a damper reservoir with 2 sensors that measure the temperature and volume of the ink and adjusts the waveform to suit the inks. By adjusting the wave form to the ink by individual colour and each individual head, the G4 DTG delivers minimal nozzle deflection with a superior ink flow, maintaining a precise viscosity equilibrium at all print head nozzles simultaneously.






DTG M2 - Twin Platen With Extra large print size

DTG M2 garment printer 

DTG GARMENT PRINTERS - designed and developed in Australia 

Two major problems facing all direct-to-garment printer manufacturers have been addressed and overcome by DTG's experienced development team


White ink maintenance is a topic that most garment printer manufacturers prefer not to discuss in detail except to say that "It's really important".   They prefer not to dwell upon how long it can take and how much white ink and cleaning solution gets wasted each time.  

The DTG WIMS system dramatically reduces the time required for white ink maintenance.  WIMS also extends damper life and reduces print head clogging.    It achieves in several ways:

By stirring the white ink to prevent settling out of the pigment (even when the machine is not in use).

It also passes the white ink through a micro filter to remove even the tiniest particles that might block a filter or nozzle.  

Finally WIMS pumps the stirred and micro filtered ink all the way to the dampers and then back to the white ink tank again so no settling ever takes place in the white ink delivery tubes. 

This continuous stirring and filtering keeps the white ink in perfect, print-ready condition at all times so you spend less time maintaining and more time printing.  More print time ........less wasted ink


Ink starvation - Due to the highly absorbent nature of some fabrics, much larger volumes of ink are required as compared to paper or vinyl printing.   A standard vacuum / gravity type ink delivery system, can struggle to supply enough ink to the print head.  This can result in coloured ink nozzles dropping out and then back in again during a large print. This problem has been overcome with the DTG pressurised CMYK ink delivery system.  An air pump delivers a constant, positive pressure within the sealed ink bottles, which helps to push ink to the dampers and print head during times of heavy demand.




DTG M2      (Used - refurbished M2 also available - Call 1800 137 670 for details)

Compared to most garment printers, the DTG M2 is a major step forward and up.  You see the M2 is designed and built using a commercial grade, wide format print engine and print head designed for use 24/7.

Greater resolutions and ink drop technologies are delivered through an entirely new firmware.  You can print a completely new range of products with scalable platens from 2 - 8 shirts, print all over jeans, hoodies or clothing panels all from one printer.

It's entirely flexible, engineered for high production and will grow with your business. The M Series outputs more without lowering resolutions or print quality.  Screen printers, embroiderers, online stores, copy shops and photographers all now have a solution that's both industrial and flexible.

It is a different science and the M2 Industrial delivers greater profit with an entirely new style of direct to garment printing.


Print 2 adult size images 219mm x 415mm or 1 large image up to 415mm x 610mm

DTG M2 garment printer



M2 Quick Facts

  • Industrial build – IT’S TOUGH!
  • Patent Pending WIMS (White Ink Management System)
  • Seamless servo driven accuracy
  • Bespoke firmware designed for textile printing
  • Scalable production – print multiple garments at a time
  • A new way to print – iQ Interweave – eliminates banding at all resolutions
  • Print area of 610 x 415mm (24" x 16.3")
  • Print up to 50+ large graphics on white/lights garments and 25+ large graphics on darks per hour – Now that’s FAST!
  • One pass enabled, increase your production output dramatically
  • 46 pcl ink drop size scalable through all resolutions
  • Intelligent integrated RIP software with patented white under-base tools
  • Consistent repeatable prints, day after day
  • Dimensions 1220W x 550H x 1000L mm
  •  Weight = 96Kgs

What's included

  • M2 garment printer
  • 2 x adult garment platens
  • Startup kit of ink and maintenance solution
  • Pre treatment solution
  • Hand held pre-treatment spray gun
  • Print pro RIP software