Brother GTX garment printer


If you're in the market for a T shirt printer then you will most likely have done some research already.  Pre purchase research is a must but for many it can also lead to confusion and doubt.

After you've read all the sales arguments from each company you can easily end up not knowing who or what to believe.   They will all tell you that they are the 'best' or the 'fastest' or the 'cheapest' or the most 'economical to run'.   There may be some truth in at least some of what they all say.

My advice - is to get your information from a non-biased user group - people who use printers and not those who sell them.  Try the DTG users group on Facebook for example.   You will find some who recommend this make or that model and you'll also find a number asking for help with their printer because it has an error message or blocked nozzles or because they can't get spare parts or tech support.

I suggest that you will not find those kinds of help requests for the Brother GTX.   What you will find will be that the overwhelming number of comments about the GTX will be something like this "I have a GTX and I love it" or "I've just ordered my second or third GTX" or "I've had my GTX for 9 months and I've already done 18,000 prints"


Q & A about Brother GTX

  • Is Brother GTX the cheapest T shirt printer you can buy - There are cheaper machines but with hidden costs
  • Does it have the cheapest ink - No it doesn't and we wouldn't have it any other way because it's great quality ink that works really well and lasts
  • Is it the fastest T shirt printer under $25,000? - Yes, just watch the real time videos below
  • Does the GTX have an automated cleaning and maintenence system? - Yes
  • Is the GTX and extraordinarily reliable machine that's ready to print when you are? - Yes
  • Is the GTX's Inobella ink vibrant, soft and stretchy? - Yes, it is by far the best we have seen or used
  • Does the GTX print with the same quality results every time?  Yes - subject to proper pre treatment and garment quality
  • Does the GTX ink have the shortest cure time? - Yes at only 35 seconds as compared to 60 to 180 seconds (and even longer) for other makes


What's So Special About the Brother GTX?    Well just about everything!

  • 2 x extra large Brother print heads with more nozzles - One for CMYK and one for white
  • High speed - 11" x 11" full colour print on a coloured garment in 1min 20secs
  • White ink re-circulation system . . . that means no more weekly tube cleans
  • Colour screen with image preview of the design on the platen
  • New Innobella inks - Super bright colours - Increased colour gamut - Soft touch AND high stretch
  • A smart, temperature and humidity monitoring system that adjusts the frequency and strength of auto-maintenance to suit your work-room environment.
  • Wet capping stations to prevent head drying out
  • Automatic head clean every 8 hours when not in use.
  • Increased print area - up to 16" x 21" (40.5cm x 53cm)  - Standard platen is 14: x 16"
  • New auto rolling, ink pouches with reduced ink cost per cc
  • New maintenance carts for extended use with CMYK inks only
  • The GTX has a BIG ....and I mean really big print head to garment gap compared to most other DTG machines. That means you can drop the platen height for zippered hoodies without losing print quality on the low parts of the garment. You have to see this!

Brother GTX warranty


Call now for a demo - 1800 137 670 - Ask for Lachlan or Jeff 



Cadlink Digital Factory Apparel Edition
Advanced colour management software for Brother GT3 & GTX


Click image for more info. Cadlink Digital Factory Apparel edition

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