Brother GT3 Garment Printer

Brother GT 381


What do they want? Customised products!   When do they want them? Now!

No one expects to wait very long for anything these days.  They just assume it's easy.   Maybe they left the decision making until the very last minute and now it's almost too late.  Time for panic and unreasonable expectations.

This is exactly why Brother's GT series direct-to-garment printers have been so massively successful.   You see whether the image or logo has only 1 colour or 1,000 colours it still takes only a minute or two to begin printing. Add to that the GT's ability to print in photographic quality with high quality shadows and colour blends and you have a winner in so many ways.

It is the ease of operation and speed of setup for each new job that makes the Brother GT such a  perfect choice for small, custom print orders.

Brother GT garment printer overview

Different products that can be printed


Clever design provides unmatched 1 pass prints

Brother's tandem design print heads (CMYK + 4 whites) allows single pass printing of both white and colour layers, which means increased productivity and pefect white to colour registration.   Choose between 600 or 1200dpi for photographic quality printing of images.

Print directly from your computer with a standard USB cable connection or directly images saved to a USB flash drive. For even faster download speeds and printing from multiple PC's there is also standard LAN/Ethernet connectivity (free update required.)

Convenient, built in user interface - no RIP required, Our new front loading ink cartridge system is designed to provide consistent print quality and a more compact footprint.

  • 8 print heads
  • CMYK and white ink printing
  • Up to 1200dpi printing
  • One pass printing, with both CMYK
    and white ink printing simultaneously
    for higher productivity
  • USB memory stick compatibility
  • USB 2.0 or LAN/Ethernet Connectivity
  • Front-loading ink cartridge system
  • Compact size for greater versatility in many
    work environments, including storefront
  • Simple user interface - No RIP required
  • Includes GraffixPro Studio® T-Shirt Design 
    Software with purchase
  • Inks certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class I
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