Mimaki LA160 Laminating



1. The warm function of LA-160W improves the adhesion of lamination films and reduced silvering

LA-160W is equipped with the Warm function, which allows to it heat up to a max. 60 degrees. The media surface printed by UV ink is likely to have an evenness, but [LA-160W laminating while heating can improve the adhesion of laminating to improve adhesion.

2. Operation speed equivalent with the high class models

Mimaki LA-160W has achieved a maximum operating speed of 7,500mm/min. With an affordable price, it can provide the same level of operation speed with much higher priced models.  Maximum productivity can be achieved when used together with the Mimaki UCJV300 150-160 roll-feed UV printer, printed film can move directly from printer to lamination without the need for post print drying or curing.


3. Simple and reliable operability when using by one operator

Operation speed can be steplessly adjusted by dial up to 7,500mm/min. The temperature can be adjusted in 1 degree increments and laminating pressure is easily adjusted by handle. The take-up function allows the LA-160 to be operated easily bu just one person.


4. Safety design for the operator's protection

Two safety functions are featured :

*   An emergency stop button

*   A laser protection safety beam designed to prevent access to the roller feed mechanism