For mixed fabrics

OKI Pro Laser Printers & Forever Laser Transfer Sheets


After extensive tesing we found that the best solution for use with the OKI Pro machine is the excellent range of high quality Forever transfer papers and foils made by Forever in Germany.   These new generation laser transfer products have made it so much easier to produce and apply full colour prints to a range of products.  When used in conjunction with the excellent  Forever Transfer RIP software your prints will use less toner, feel softer and last much longer in the wash.







Step 2 - Press the finished transfer onto the fabric - allow to cool - remove carrier sheets and press again for gloss or matt finish



Additional transfer papers for non-textile products

If you need to decorate other kinds of promotional items too then there are special transfer papers for hard surfaces and even a transfer paper called Waterslide that is used to transfer images onto products like candles and soap.


Flex Soft

Forever laser dark

Laser Dark

Forever laser dark