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Pre Treatment Machines



DTG PTM - automatic pre treatment machine with Dual Pretreat tank & cleaning tank


Brother Cube

The Cube - automatic pre treatment machine with all electronic operation and dual pre treatment tanks





Pre-Treatment is the application of a special pre-treatment fluid to the print area of the garment.  After application of pre treatment the garment is then dried in a heat press prior to printing.




There are three major benefits :

1.   The pre-treatment process creates a “primer COAT” on the shirt, much like preparing a drywall so that the paint doesn’t soak in. Pre-treatment causes the ink to dry very quickly resulting in bright images with crisp, clean edges.     Without pre-treatment, the white ink would easily soak into the garment resulting in very dull white prints, which would in turn result in dull colours too.

2.   A secondary but also very important benefit of pre treatment is that during the heat press drying of the pre treated garment, the loose fibres are flattened down against the surface of the garment.  They are held in that flattened state during printing, which prevents fibres from sticking up through the print, reducing the print quality.

3.   Last but not least, the ink will dry very quickly on a pre treated garment, which means that there is less chance of accidentally smudging a printed garment when it is being removed from the printer and loaded into the heat press.



Hand pre treatment spray gun

Yes you can, using a roller or spray gun.   Successful, manual pre treatment requires a little practice and regular maintenance of the spray gun in order to achieve high quality prints on a consistant basis.

  • It requires practice to get the required amount of fluid, sprayed evenly over the entire print area.
  • Overspray settles out on surrounding surfaces. It is a little sticky and can damage sensitive equipment.
  • It’s much slower than an automatic pre-treatment machine.



It depends on whether you’re pre-treating manually by hand-spraying or using an automatic machine. Pre-treating with an automatic machine is much faster.  Automatic pre treatment machines also produce consistant results even when used by untrained staff.



See Just How easy It Is To Be A Pre Treatment Expert With An Automatic Pre treatment Machine

Please note:  The Viper One machine seen in this video has been discontinued but the operation is the same for DTG PTM and CUBE