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3 'Must have' hooping products that will de-stress you days, improve productivity & accuracy and expand the range of products that you can embroider successfully




You know the old saying  "Necessity is the mother of invention".  Well, Hoopmaster like many other embroidery hooping products was designed and developed by people who ran an embroidery business.   They understood exactly the problems faced by almost all embroidery business owners like you.

  • How can I make sure that logos are placed accurately on the garment - every time?
  • Will garments be hooped straight - so that the logos are not crooked?
  • Can I prevent the backing fabric piece from moving out of position when I hoop up?
  • Can I trust my new employees will able to hoop garments quickly and accurately?
  • If I have to run a repeat order for my customer, can I be sure that the logos will be hooped in the same place?


Image above-left:  Main Hopmaster hooping station with tajima hoop fixture fitted

Image above-centre: Shows the complete Hoomaster kit

Image above-right: This is the portable hooping station with a Barudan hoop fixture in place

Well the good news is that the answer to all of these questions is Yes!   Hoopmaster simplifies and speeds up the process of hooping up garments but more important, Hoopmaster allows accurate hooping over and over again - even with relatively unskilled operators.
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Even with an excellent product like Hoopmaster in your shop, there will still be some products that are just too difficult - even impossible to hoop up and hold firmly in place during embroidery.

Standard embroidery hoops are great for thin to medium thickness products but they don't go too well with very thick products or with products that have both thick and thin areas (like the waistband area of work pants).   The thick parts prevent the hoop from gripping the thin areas so fabric moves during embroidery.  Then there's the old problem of 'hoop burn' where the shearing action of the inner and outer hoop leaves a shiny mark on the fabric.


Hooptech's slimline clamps are designed to pass under the presser feet when the clamp is closed so there's no chance of an accidental collision.

The upper and lower clamp surfaces are flat and have a special gripping surface to hold the product without causing hoop burn. Each clamp size comes with a lower plate and two upper plates - one for thick fabric and one for thin fabric.  The thin fabric clamp has finger which curve down to press the fabric as close to the surface of the plate as possible.


Hooptech slimline clamp sizes

Hooptech clamp sizes


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Mighty hoop, is our fastest selling product designed and manufactured by the guys at Hoopmaster.    So - they already had the hooping station that makes hooping with regular products a breeze . . . .. but there was still the old problem of how to hoop bulky or thick products like towels, horse rugs and thick jacket backs.


 See Mighty Hoop in action on this bulky truck seat cover


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