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Barudan Controller


Barudan BEXT - The all new and improved controller for single head models

Barudan BEXT controller
  • Larger colour screen
  • Easy to understand control icons like the multi head models
  • Total design memory for up to 5100 designs (including USB)
  • Arrange designs on USB in up to 50 folders
  • LAN port for high speed connection to network
  • Programme the colour change sequence directly from Wilcom
  • Display the design inside selected hoop size
  • Auto-centre design inside selected hoop
  • Display estimated total run time and remaining run time
  • Set display colours to match thread colours on the machine
  • Program automatic reminder messages to display on-screen
  • Automatic rotation of design for cap embroidery
  • Set individual speeds for each needle.  This can be used to slow down the machine automatically when embroidering with a difficult thread or for a very intricate part of a design.
  • Save edited design back to USB or to barudan LEMserver over a network connection
  • Start from any stitch number in the design
  • Embroider individual names from a team names design list
  • While embroidering one team name, the next name in the list is displayed on screen as a preview.


Barudan BEKY & BEKS multi-head embroidery machine controller


Barudan BEKS embroidery controller
  • Large colour, touch screen controller
  • 3D realistic view of designs
  • Laser pointer shows accurate needle drop point on fabric
  • User created 'One-touch' shortcut icons to speed up frequently used tasks
  • USB ports for USB memory reading or connection of Bar code scanner, external floppy disc reader, SD card Etc
  • Design memory up to 70,000,000 stitches or 100 designs
  • Each USB device adds up to 5,000 designs to memory
  • COM port for direct connection to embroidery design computer
  • LAN port for high speed connection to computer network
  • Optional optional bar code reader for rapid design search and load direct from server to machine
  • Colour change sequence can be programmed directly from Wilcom
  • On-screen display of design inside selected hoop size
  • Compulsory laser pointer design perimeter trace before start - prevents accidental hoop collision.
  • Display estimated total run time and remaining run time
  • Set screen colours to match thread colours on the machine
  • Set reminder messages that display on the screen at a designated day and time
  • Set the bobbin counter to stop the machine just before the first bobbin runs out - then change them all at the same time to avoid unnecessary machine stoppages
  • Recover exact stitch position even after power-out during embroidery