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  • Smooth and Seal 25cm x 100cm

    Smooth and Seal - A super smooth, thin and stretchy heat seal film providing three important benefits:

    1.  Applied to the reverse side of embroideries, Smooth and Seal protects sensistive skin that might be irritated by contact with some synthetic threads and coarse thread ends like metallics

    2.  Smooth and Seal flattens loose thread ends on the reverse side of embroideries and provides a high quality finish that your competitors don't offer.

    3.  Embroidery looks great - but it also punctures water proofed fabrics.  Applying a Smooth and Seal patch on the under-side of the embroidery will create a water proof film over the embroidery.

    How to use:

    *  Pre-press garment for 10 to 15 seconds
    *  Apply Smooth and Seal patch,

    *  Press for 15 seconds at 155 degC
    *  Remove carrier hot or warm

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