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To achieve achieve quality dye sublimation prints there are four key ingredients:

True pix dye sublimation paper
  • A well made, reliable Dye sub printer with software made to match the ink and paper
  • High quality dye sublimation ink
  • A high resolution image with accurate colour
  • A transfer paper that prevents the ink from being absorbed too much, but dries quickly and remains flat even with heavy ink loads
Buy Sawgrass True Pix Transfer Paper
Award-winning Sublimation Transfer Paper

+ Optimized for the Sawgrass dye sublimation system
+ Yields consistent, vibrant colors on every transfer
+ Minimizes wasted ink
True Pix CLASSIC paper is considered a “smart” transfer paper because dye solids begin to sublimate later than other papers, giving the substrate time to expand before color transfer takes place. Sawgrass’ award-winning sublimation transfer paper is engineered specifically for the high levels of dye released during the pressing process.

Batch testing is performed to confirm color consistency, and the smooth paper surface is essential in delivering high definition images on both hard and soft substrates. It’s designed to hold Sawgrass inks on the surface without the paper becoming too wet and smudging due to saturation.
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