SEF are a leading French manufacturer of high quality, heat applied garment films commonly referred to as garment vinyl.

The SEF range includes self-coloured, cut-only films and white, printable films.  SEF also supply special films for metallic effects, for sublimation blocking, extreme stretch and 3d puff effects.

IMPORTANT - SEF products are NOT made of vinyl,  They are made from water based Polyurethane.   Why is that important?

1.   Vinyl is PVC and PVC is a product that is increasingly being avoided due to the hazzardous products that are released during and after manufacture and during application with a heat press. Dioxins and phthalates to name but two

2.  Polyurethane is a very stretchy product that does not lose its elasticity over time like vinyl



  • Flexcut - Cut only - Coloured PU film
    Designed for cutting plotters. 100% polyurethane FlexCut ensures fine, elastic and resistant designs, with an extremely soft touch. Its adhesive liner allows very fine cutting and fast weeding.

  • Flexcut X4 - 4 second, cut only PU film
    Very fast weeding, 4s transfer time, suitable for many textiles where standard flex doesn’t work and even with a slight migration barrier. As always 100% polyurethane FlexCut X4 ensures fine, elastic and resistant designs with a soft touch.

  • Flexcut Sweet - Cut only - Stretch PU film
    A “screen printing like” 100% polyurethane heat transfer film. FlexCut Sweet has a “non-sticky” liner.

  • Flexcut Nylon - Cut only - PU film for Nylon
    Low temperature PU film, designed to be heat transferred to most coated fabrics (such as nylon fabrics).

  • Metalflex - Cut only - Metallic PU film
    Light, very stretchable and with a beautiful metal effect. You will never have to worry anymore about washing a metallic heat transfer film because MetalFlex brings you an excellent 40°C washing fastness.

  • ReflexCut - Cut only - Reflective film
    ReflexCut is very thin and stretchy high visibility reflective film. ReflexCut Silver 1 and FR 9 meet the EN ISO 20471 Class 2 standard.

  • Velcut Evo - Cut only - Flock finish
    VelCut is a high-quality heat sealable flock film for plotter-cutting. It has been for years a confirmed best seller. Very easy to cut and weed, it comes in a wide range of colors.

  • Velcut Touch - Cut only - Soft feel
    VelCut Touch is the next generation flock film for cutting plotters. With VelCut Touch, cutting and weeding intricate graphics is just as easy as with FlexCut, but with a beautifully soft unique feel – it’s an innovative soft velour film that performs like a flex.


  • Graffiti - Printable PU film
    Printable heat transfer PU film with the best compromise between easy cutting and soft feel !
    Graffiti is a high quality opaque polyurethane film. Light, stretchable very easy to cut and with high washing fastness. Suitable for eco-solvent, solvent and latex-printing.

  • ClearFlex - Printable clear film
    ClearFlex is a transparent polyurethane flex film, developed for ecosolvent or solvent inks. Extra light and stretchable, ClearFlex offers a great solution for all white and light colored fabrics.

  • Flextape - Transfer film
    Sef's applicaton tape for all applicable printable Sef vinyls.

The very latest SEF X4 product can be applied to a garment with as little as a 4 second heat press operation.  Reduce the application temperature to 135 deg C and SEF X4 also offers a slight sublimation blocking functionality too.


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