Sawgrass Virtuoso dye sublimation printer


Sawgrass are the true pioneers and masters of dye sublimation printing.  Sawgrass developed the technology and the dye sublimation printing industry has literally exploded.  

Dye sublimation is the perfect method of printing for white and light coloured polyester fabrics and for promotional products like plaques, mugs, sports drink bottles and many more that are coated with white or clear polymer film.

Dye sub prints on 100% polyester fabric

  • The dye penetrates into the fibres and changes the colour permanently
  • Prints have no feel at all and cannot be detected by touch
  • Dye sub prints when done correctly will outlast the garment
  • Print full colour logos, black text on Hi Vis garments or photographs on coffee mugs

There are literally hundreds of dye sub blank produts available today - from mouse mats and stubby coolers to coffee mugs, photographic panels, phone covers, jig saw puzzles and many more.




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