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Mimaki TxF150 & TxF300 DTF Printers

The Latest Mimaki DTF Printers Brings A Superior Level Of Reliability And Print-On-Demand Performance To The Heat Transfer Business

Mimaki TxF150-75 DTF printer

TxF 150 print speed

Mimaki TxF150 print speed

TxF 300 print speed

Mimaki TxF300 print speed

Quality / Reliability / Colour Accuracy

The Mimaki Difference

Mimaki's 50 years in the printer business brings a world-class range of printers including the latest TxF150 & TxF300 DTF printers.

Mimaki improved upon their extensive experience and success with the JV & CJV range of solvent printers to fine-tune the performance of the new DTF machines 

This new DTF printer includes advanced print head maintenance and white ink circulation.  White ink is now circulated inside the newly designed through-flow dampers.  The benefit to you is that white ink is kept in perfect, mixed condition inside the dampers as well, which means that less white ink is used for purges and head cleans.  Less waste and more productive printing time.


ECO PASSPORT certified ink to ensure customer safety and security.

All the ink colors have acquired ECO PASSPORT certification, which is required to obtain OEKO-TEX®, an international safety standard that guarantees the safety of textile products. It reduces environmental impact and is also friendly to the customer's work environment.


[ECO PASSPORT] by OEKO-TEX® Certification Ink

DTF Printer - Tech Spec's At A Glance

  • 1 year warranty including print head
  • 80cm print width
  • Tri-zone, temperature adjustable bed heaters
  • C,M,Y,K,Wh,Wh ink-set
  • 720, 1440 dpi
  • De-gassed ink pouches (600ml CMYK / 2 x 500ml White)
  • MCT advanced white ink circulation including ink within dampers
  • Variable dot size for improved fine detail and colour blends
  • ECO PASSPORT certified ink to ensure customer safety and security
  • Automatic head cleaning an sleep mode
  • Low ink and ink expiry warnings
  • Nozzle drop-out detection system
  • Automatic nozzle recovery
Mimaki TFX150 white ink circulation system
  • Printer dimensions 1,965 x 700 x 1,392 mm
  • Weight 126kg
  • 240v 1ph / 1.2kw
  • Print room environment required - 18 to 30 deg C with relative humidity between 45% to 80%
Work-wear / Sport-wear / Leisure-wear
Mimaki DTF samples 1
Tote Bags / Home-wear / Promotional
Mimaki DTF samples 2
The DTF Process Step-By-Step
Mimaki DTF printer operation
Mimaki Advanced Print Technology
Mimaki TFX150 features
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TxF 150 DTF Printer With Optional Advanced Adhesive Application & Heat Finishing Machine

Mimaki Txf 150 DTF printer and shaker

DTF Powder Shaker With A Difference

  • Touch screen operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Loose film feed from printer to shaker (for link mode)
  • Unique weight based system for adding powder only when it is needed
  • Vacuum roller feed system for feeding film into heat chamber
  • Advanced power saving heat chamber with top & bottom heat
  • Link mode used to complete print runs with minimum film waste
  • Integrated air filtration system (swing out design for easy maintenance)
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