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Solvent UV Printer

Mimaki JV400 SUV

Mimaki JV400 SUV solvent UV printerMimaki JV400 SUV


The LX400 SUV is a unique printer that offers the smooth, high gloss finish of solvent print but with the exceptional scratch resistance of UV ink.    No outgassing required.

  • Dual in-line piezo heads
  • Dual CMYK
  • Print width up to 1,610mm
  • 3 way intelligent heater (Pre/Print/After), Ventilation fan unit
  • Equipped with fluorescent UV tube lamp
  • 18.1㎡/h (900×900dpi、6pass, bi-directional, 4 color)
  • 14.2㎡/h (900×1,200dpi、8pass, bi-directional, 4 color)
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