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Mimaki - Lamination Machine

LA-160 Warm Lamination Machine

Mimaki LA 160 lamination machine

1. The warming function minimises silvering during UV print lamination

Equipped with warm function available to heat up to max. 60 degrees. Laminating with heating improves the adhesion of lamination helps to reduce "Silvering" caused by unevenness of print surface.
*Silvering: Whitening phenomenon of graphic when tiny bubbles of air are trapped between the lamination film and the ink surface.

2. Operation speed equivalent with the high class models

[LA-W Series] Has a maximum operating speed of 7,500mm/min.
When combined with a UV Printer, finished prints can be laminated straight after printing
* Max. Speed is 6,000mm/m in an area of 50 Hz of power supply

3. Simple and safe operation by one operator

Steplessly adjustable speed by dial.  The temperature of warming function can be set to suit media up to 60 degrees in 1 degree increments.  Laminating pressure is easily adjusted by a rotary handle.
Taking-up function of laminated media enables one-man operation.

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