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Mimaki 3D printers

Mimaki 3DUJ 2207 Colour 3D printer

Mimaki 3DUJ 2207 3D printer

3D modeling area: 203mm x 203mm x 76mm mm

Photorealistic Color Accuracy
Entry level full color 3D printer that is both space saving and high definition

The "3DUJ-2207" is a Compact 3D printer with full-color modeling capabilities, able to produce more than 10 million colors through the UV curing inkjet method, which achieves high-definition color expression that is about twice that of the binder jetting (plaster powder) method.

The richness of color expression, which has been difficult to achieve with post-molding coloration, makes it ideal for use in fields that require precise prototypes, such as figure and toy designs, architectural models, and home appliances, where the slightest difference in color in industrial design can give an impression.

The "3DUJ-2207" has a compact design, can be loaded into an elevator without disassembling, has a small footprint and a quiet design with a deodorizer*, making it ideal for installation in office environments.
* Dedicated stand and deodorizer are optional (sold separately).

  • High-definition, affordable, low-priced, small footprint machine
  • Demonstrates the same number of colors and modeling accuracy as 3DUJ-553
  • The affordable price makes the introduction of a high-definition full-color 3D printer a realistic option
  • A compact machine that can be carried up to higher floors on an elevator (no need to disassemble and carry in)
  • Can be installed in an office environment with a quiet design and an optional deodorizer
  • Post-processing such as overcoating and drilling/mounting screws is possible
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Mimaki 3DUJ 553 Colour 3D printer

Mimaki  3D UJ553 colour 3D printer

Print area - 508mm x 508mm x 305mm

Photorealistic Color Accuracy

Mimaki offers the world's first*1 3D printer with more than 10 million colors and UV-curable inkjet printing!

The 3D printer market growth continues to spread globally upon commencing from North America and Europe and its application is mainly entered in manufacturing industry and then penetrating to education, construction and medical business segment. Mimaki 3D printer [3DUJ-553] has achieved the full color modeling with the capability of world first*1 over 10 million colors based on our developed technology of 2D inkjet printers of professionals use. We will propose a new business utilizing [3DUJ-553] as its having rich color expression is better suited to create a final product such as real object sign or building model, of which an extra coloring has been difficult after the completion of modeling.

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Mimaki 3DGD 1800 Printer

Mimaki 3DG 1800 3D printer

Print area -  1,450mm x 1,110mm x 1,800 mm

3DGD-1800 is a large-scale 3D printer oriented to the creation of three-dimensional and formative signages, and prints large objects.

Featuring the "Gel Dispensing Printing" technology,

3DGD-1800 extrudes gel-type UV curable resin lineally, laminating layers instantly by curing the resin with ultraviolet irradiation, resulting in a printing speed of 350 mm in height per hour. (*1)
Since two heads are mounted, it is possible to produce two different objects at a time.

Since the printed objects are white in color, additional decor may be applied to the exterior as a finishing touch with Mimaki inkjet printers to produce impressive three-dimensional signages.

(*1) Vertical speed when printing 1m diameter cylinder (hollow)

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