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Ink Giant UV DTF Printer

UV DTF printer

Imagine This . . . . . 

Being Able To Print Ready-To-Use Stickers In A Fraction Of The Time That It Normally Takes For Print & Cut Vinyl Stickers?

Get A price On the Ink Giant UV DTF Printer
Get A price On the Ink Giant UV DTF Printer

Our UV DTF print system is in fact two technologies combined into one machine.

  • A 40cm, 3 head, roll-feed UV printer
  • A hot lamination machine

How it works

A layer of paper- packed, adhesive film (A film) feeds from the rear of the printer.   As it feeds forward it's protective top layer is peeled off and re-wound (also at the rear of the machine).

The adhesive sheet passes into the print area where the logos are printed and dried almost instantly by powerful UV lamps. 

The completed logos then pass out of the print area and into the heated lamination station where a clear B film is applied to the top surface of the printed sheet using both pressure and heat.

The stickers are now ready to use and can be applied to most hard surface products.


What comes with our Ink Giant UV DTF printer package

1 x 40cm UV DTF printer with stand

3 x Epson print heads (fitted)

8 x 1 litre bottles of UV ink Ink -        C,M,Y,K,Lm,Lc,Wh,Cl

1 x bottle of UV cleaning solution

1 x roll of adhesive A film

1 x roll of lamination B film

Easy-to-use SAI Flexi RIP software with auto white & clear layer generation.

Automatic white ink agitation, circulation and filtration system

Dual UV lamps for instant drying of ink

Integrated, heated lamination roller for application of B film


Creating Printed Stickers Has Never Been Easier

UV DTF sticker preparation

  1.   Remove the backing paper from the underside of the logo

UV DTF sticker apply

2.   Place the logo onto a clean surface and press down firmly

UV DTF sticker peel carrier film

3.   Peel the transfer film from corner-to-corner

UV DTF sticker on glass

4.   Finished, high quality sticker with clear varnish top-coat

No Cutting, No Weeding, No Laminating
Just Print & Apply

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