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Ink Giant - DTF & UV DTF Printers

What's the difference between DTF and UV DTF

DTF - heat transfer logos for fabric only

Ink Giant DTF print systems are designed to print heat transfers for garments and fabrics and because the DTF process is mostly automated and is faster it is also more economical than regular print & cut vinyl heat transfers 

It's faster because cut lines are not required in the artwork. Also, there's no contour cutting time and because there's no cutting there's no weeding.  last but not least there's no need for a transfer film.  The logos you get from the DTF print system are full-colour, heat-press-ready.  They also stretch very well and have excellent wash-ability.


UV DTF - self-adhesive stickers for hard surface products only

Similar to the DTF process, UV DTF print systems do most of the manual work that would normally be required using a print & cut vinyl system.  there are no cut lines and no cutting time.  No cutting means no weeding and no manual application of transfer film 

Ink Giant UV DTF printers produce self-adhesive stickers that can be applied to many hard surface products.   All that is required is to peel the backing paper then apply the sticker with pressure and peel the transfer film.

Versatile DTF Prints 

DTF - Full Colour With Bright White

Audley DTF print close up

DTF - High Stretch & High Wash Resistance

Audley DTF print stretched
Ink Giant DTF Print Systems 

Ink Giant printers have earned a very good reputation for both quality of build and for the advanced colour capability provided by their 6 and 8 colour models.

30cm Ink Giant - 2 heads - 6 colours + white
Ink Giant 30cm DTF print er

30cm, 2 head DTF Printer System Spec's

This compact DTF print system provides and advanced colour set including Light Cyan & Light Magenta.


  • Dual Epson P600 print heads. (C,M,Y,K,Lc,Lm + White)
  • 35 cm print width (Actual print width limited by film width)
  • European made SAI Flexi RIP software
  • Print speed of 1.3 sq mtrs per hour in high quality 8 pass print mode
  • Automatic white ink circulation and filtration system
  • Heated vacuum bed to hold film down during printing
  • Bottom heat for ink drying
  • Automatic application of adhesive powder
  • Beater  bar - removes powder from unprinted areas of film
  • Top heat finishing to melt adhesive layer
  • Auto rewind of printed film
  • Vacuum air filtration system
Ink Giant 60cm Advanced 8 Colour DTF (Direct To Film) Print System (3 Heads)
Ink Giant 60cm DTF printer

60cm, 3 head DTF Print system with advanced 8 colour ink system


  • 3 Epson i3200 print heads / 8 colours. C,M,Y,K,Or,R,Bl,Gr,W
  • 70 cm print width (Actual print width limited by film)
  • European made SAI Flexi RIP software
  • Automatic white ink circulation and filtration system
  • Heated printer beds for rapid ink drying without bleed


  • Heated plate at entry to adhesive powder applicator
  • Advanced automatic application of adhesive powder
  • Beater  bar - removes powder from un-printed areas of film
  • Conveyor film feed with vacuum bed
  • Heat finishing tunnel with top heat
  • Auto rewind of printed film
  • Vacuum air filtration system
8 Colour Ink Giant DTF Printer With (Video Shows The Optional Advanced Shaker / Heat Finisher With Auto Powder Re-Cycling System
Ink Giant UV DTF Printers 
Ink Giant 40cm, UV DTF Sticker Printer
UV DTF printer

40cm, UV DTF Print System - Fast Sticker Printing



All you have to do is load an image that has no background colour in PNG or PDF format then using the Flexi software set the number of repeats and start printing.

  • You don't need to add cut lines to the image
  • Just print - there is no contour cutting necessary
  • No contour cutting means no weeding
  • Also there's no need to apply transfer film - it get applied automatically during printing.


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