Forever laser transfer papers


Forever products have been developed for use with existing laser printing technology.  With Forever pritable media sheets you can produce high quality, 1 colour & full colour prints with minimal setup time and more important with no contour cutting or weeding required.


Flex Soft - For printing complex, single colour images using a Black only / or colour laser printer

Use Flex soft (No cut) - available in 17 different colours with a black only or colour laser printer

  • Standard colours
  • Neon colours (Orange, Yellow & Pink)
  • Metallic silver & Gold
  • Metallic colours (Blue, Green, Red)

Flex Soft can be used with most monotone and / or CMYK laser printer / copiers to produce simple or complex, 1 colour prints for garments and other products without lengthy job setups and without the need for cut contour lines or weeding.    You print in black but produce images in a range of different colours.

For best results using White and/or neon colours we recommend using an OKI Pro laser printer with white toner

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Laser Dark, No Cut, Low temp - for printing single colour or multi colour images for fabric using a CMYK colour laser printer or full colour images including white if using a white toner laser printer.

Laser dark, clear printable A sheets can be printed using a colour laser printer (CMYK) or a white toner printer (CMY + W). The printed sheet is heat pressed together with a white, polymer adhesive B sheet.  When the two sheets are separated the polymer adhesive sticks only to the printed areas of the A sheet (this is the no weeding part).  Finally the A sheet is heat pressed onto the fabric.

A white toner printer provides two advantages:

  • The layer of white toner applied to the underside of the colour helps to boost the brightness of the colours
  • Images that have white only areas can be printed


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Multi Trans - for single colour and full colour printing onto hard surface products

Allows full colour images to be printed using a laser printer and then applied to hard surface objects like wood, MDG, glass, metal paper, cardboard and more.  Multi Trans sheets are available for full colour prints and in both Silver and Gold.


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Subli Flex - Use your dye sublimation printer to produce full colour images (including white only areas) and apply them to any colour of cotton, denim, leather and more.

Subli Flex sheets are a fantastic add-on product for those who have a dye sublimation printer.  Why?   Because Subliflex allows full colour logos to be printed using a dye sublimation printer that can then be applied to all colours of cotton fabric, denim and more.  With Subliflex you are no longer restricted to white polyester fabric!

For complex logos we recommend that Subliflex be contour cut using an automatic vinyl cutter.


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