Firebird garment inks

Firebird high quality 60 second DTG garment inks - made by Eastern Technologies in the U.S.    

It's no surprise that Firebird inks have grown so rapidly in popularity.  Here's why . . . . 

  • Bright, white ink that performs exceptionally well in Epson print heads
  • Vivid colours
  • Extra BOLD Black
  • Fast cure times - only 60 seconds
  • Double filtered white ink for exceptional print head performance and reliability
Firebird pre treatment solutions :
  • Firebird Vivid - for best quality CMYK prints White and light cotton garments & light polyester
  • Firebird white ink pre treatment for bright white prints and CMYK on coloured cotton garments
  • Firebird FBX-100 - for white ink and CMYK prints on light coloured garments (no fabric staining)
  • Firebird FBX-100 (Optimised for Epson 2000 & 2,100)
  • Firebird FBX-100 (Optimised for brother GTX)


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