EPACC - Embroidery Costing & Productivity Calculator

EPACC eliminates the guesswork and shows you in a few seconds what it costs your business to produce embroidery for your customers.   EPACC also shows you exactly how much you need to charge in order to make a profit.......every time

Just open the job page then enter the quantity of products, the number of stitches in the design, the hoop size and what you paid for the logo.

That's it!       At the press of the ENTER key EPACC instantly calculates the cost of each embroidered logo and even shows you what you should charge for Regular service, Express service and Rush service.

What do you need to use EPACC?   A computer that runs Microsoft Excel for Windows V9 or later

Epacc Level 1 embroidery costing app

EPACC L1 is for those who run a small embroidery shop with a single head machine

EPACC embroidery costing software

EPACC L2 is for embroidery shops with two different sizes of machine.  For example: a 1 head machine and a 4 head machine.

Epacc Level 3 embroidery costing app

EPACC L3 if for larger shops with up to 8 machines of various sizes

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