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Brother GTX Pro Garment Printer

GTX Pro & GTX Pro Bulk Direct To Garment & Now Direct To Film Printers Could Be A Profitable Addition To Your Business
Brother GTX Pro Pouch garment printer

GTX Pro Pouch DTG Printer
Now With DTF Print Capability

The GTX Pro Pouch - Convenient ink cartridges with replaceable ink pouches make ink change-over easy for you

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Brother GTX Pro Bulk garment printer

GTX Pro Bulk DTG & DTF Printer
Now With DTF Print Capability

The GTX Pro Bulk model has bulk ink bottles for each colour. Bulk inks are available in 9ltr and 18ltr containers

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Innobella Inks - Produce Vivid Colours
& Excellent Performance Through Wash & Wear 

Brother GTX printed garments NEW

The GTX Pro and Bulk

Fast design loading from USB memory stick or USB computer connection with design preview is the key to fast operator training.  An easy garment loading platen means faster and more accurate positioning of garments on the platen. 

GTX Pro and Pro Bulk machines have temperature and humidity sensors that adjust the frequency and strength of automated maintenance to keep your Brother GTX running at peak performance.   

White ink circulation system that beats them all
Brother GTX white ink circulation system circulates white ink throughout the whole of the ink delivery system.  That includes ink tubes, reservoirs, dampers and the print head too.     White ink is kept moving inside the printer or print head, so the machine doesn't have to run flushes or head cleans frequently. 

The GTX Pro also has a wet-capping system that pumps maintenance solution into the head caps to prevents the print heads from drying out during periods of non-use.

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  1. Innobella inks produce vivid colours that last and last and that can be cured in just 35 seconds.
  2. Improved white ink circulation = reduced head cleans / less waste.
  3. Manual maintenance takes only a few minutes.
  4. Production can begin sooner each day.
  5. Better ink agitation and circulation reduces waste ink costs.

The Brother GTX Pro Bulk is designed for print houses that need higher production rates and that consume larger quantities of ink.  
Productivity is little higher than the GTX Pro due to the automatic ink agitation system in the white ink bulk tank. 

White ink is agitated in the bulk tank and is circulated throughout the whole of the ink delivery system.    So when your staff are ready to begin work, your GTX Pro Bulk is ready to go too.

Ink can be purchased in either 1.8Kg or 18Kg bottles.

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Innobella inks

Eco Friendly, Certified Inks...

Brother DTG Direct to Garment Printer Inks are manufactured according to Brother's exclusive formulation to provide the best possible results. These Direct to Garment Printer Inks are amongst the first to not only carry the Oeko-Tex® Certification, but also to be GOTS APPROVED and CPSIA compliant* to help ensure they are safe for printing and environmentally responsible. They also boast the best wash fastness results in the DTG industry.

Brother GTX Success Stories In Australia

You might need a heat press, a drying cabinet or a tunnel dryer for drying pre-treated and/or printed garments.
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