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Brother GTX Pro - Direct To Garment Printers

GTX Pro - Pouch

Brother GTX Pro P garment printer
Brother raised the bar for direct-to-garment-printer performance and reliability with the release of the GTX... And other manufacturers have been scrambling just to try and keep up.

   Garment printers around Australia and around the world had never experienced the speed, print quality and the outstanding reliability of the GTX.

The GTX's environmental sensors monitor ambient room temperature and humidity and then adjust the automated ink maintenance system to suit the conditions.

GTX Pro has lifted the bar further with increased speed, bigger ink pouches (700cc per colour) reduced maintenance and much less waste.

New though-flow print heads with more nozzles available and a white ink circulation system that keeps the white ink moving throughout the machine including inside the print head too.

White ink never settles inside the printer or print head so there is no need to auto-flush the ink system or clean the heads so often.  A wet capping system also prevents the print head from drying out.

That means high quality prints on demand with minimal down-time for maintenance.

GTX Pro Video

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GTX Pro - Bulk

Brother GTX Pro Bulk garment printer
The pro Bulk is designed specifically for print houses that have a high rate of ink consumption.

Print speed is the same as GTX Pro but the ink delivery system is designed for bulk ink only.   Ink can be purchased in either 1.8Kg or 18Kg bottles.


Well, the differences are all in the bulk ink delivery and maintenance station.

Advanced ink agitation & filtration system.
De-gassing system to remove air bubbles.

GTX Pro Bulk Video

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